Velocity Breach Detection Solution

You need to know if an external attacker or someone on your staff is poking around the files on your network

  • The Velocity Breach Detection solution is a fully managed solution that provides an appliance that will look like a server on your network.
  • One of the first steps a hacker or malicious insider takes is to probe the network and attempt to learn what is connected and how.
  • The Velocity Breach Detection solution provides high quality, actionable data alerts on where a breach may have taken place on your network.
  • When an intruder probes the appliance, Velocity will receive an alert that someone is trying to access files on your network.
  • Velocity provides 24x7 monitoring via our helpdesk and you will be alerted by us if there are any attempts to probe the Breach Detection appliance.
  • In a recent report from Mandiant (the global consulting arm of FireEye) they stated that while businesses in the United States will detect a hacker in their networks within 4 months (which is in line with the global average), it takes 17 months for those in the Asia Pacific region to notice their intruder.

If you do not have a breach detection solution, how will you know if there is an intruder on your network?

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