Virtual CTO Consulting

Velocity Technology provides Virtual Chief Technology Officer consulting services to Hong Kong-based investment funds. These consulting services cover the following:

Business Impact of Technology
Velocity Technology will analyze what impacts existing and emerging technologies will have on your business and the benefits that can be obtained by leveraging new technologies to enhance the operations of your fund.

Technology Summary
Our engineers will assess your current Information Technology systems and highlight any areas that need to be improved or replaced for your Business Continuity Planning.

Business Risk
We will take the technology summary and translate this into business risks. The conversation is then around the impacts on business not a discussion on the technology.

Budget Planning
At management meetings we can assist you with planning for technology trends, systems enhancement and changes in investor and regulatory requirements. We will provide advice on IT systems from a business perspective - not the technology nuts and bolts.

Velocity Technology is part of the Velocity Group (established in Hong Kong in 1998) and has over 20 years of experience of advising investment funds on IT requirements for their business. This vast experience with fund managers means that we can provide you with the most comprehensive consulting service for optimizing technology systems to improve both the efficiency and productivity of your fund.

Velocity Technology’s Virtual CTO consulting services are available as an annual consulting assignment.

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