Velocity Fully Managed Firewall Service


The Velocity Fully Managed Firewall Service is designed to protect your network with a solution that provides the latest in firewall equipment.

Our managed firewall service is monitored 24x7 and continually updated by engineers in our Hong Kong and Philippines offices.

A firewall is a vital part of your computer network and is your defence from Internet attack. A firewall system is an item that cannot just be installed and then forgotten about. Companies that do this “set and forget” approach are exposing their network to a multitude of hacker attacks from the Internet. Badly configured and non-updated firewalls are some of the most common vulnerabilities that appear in the penetration testing of networks that we do for our clients. Having a poorly configured or out of date firewall is the equivalent of leaving your office door unlocked.


The security features provided by the Velocity fully managed firewall service includes:

  • Gateway Antivirus to examine incoming traffic for viruses and malware
  • Intrusion Prevention to protect against known threats and zero-day attacks including malware and underlying vulnerabilities
  • Application control to prioritise specific application traffic and block or throttle traffic from some sources (eg. BitTorrent, Spotify, YouTube etc.)
  • Web search filtering to filter out offensive websites and search results
  • Antispam - provides a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to detect and filter spam
  • Sandboxing to safely examine potential threats before they pass through the firewall

The Velocity Fully Managed Firewall Service is available as a quarterly subscription that includes the firewall hardware and fully maintained and monitored service.


Benefits of the Velocity Firewall Service

  • Monitored 24x7 service by our engineers
  • Velocity provides you with a Highly Available firewall solution for a quarterly subscription that enables you to pay for your firewall system as an operational cost rather than a large capital expense
  • Using a firewall service minimizes your ongoing costs including hardware updates and the time involved for your staff being trained on firewalls, and involved in the ongoing firewall selection, maintenance and support processes.
  • Rather than a large upfront fee you can pay a quarterly fee and have the security and peace of mind of a fully maintained and monitored firewall service.
  • Reports are emailed to you every month detailing the monitoring of your firewall service and summaries of activity for the month.

Getting the Right Firewall for your Business

Velocity will provide you with an appropriate firewall system that gives you the ongoing protection that is essential in today’s Internet connected world.

Our managed firewall solution is available in two forms:

  • Standard Solution – This managed service includes a single managed firewall with 24x7 monitoring.
  • High Availability Solution – This service includes two firewalls set up in a High Availability mode to ensure that you have a firewalled Internet connection(s) even in the event of the failure of one firewall device.

We highly recommend the High Availability service that provides dual firewalls to assist in keeping you connected even in the event of an issue with one of the firewalls.

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