Penetration Testing

Your company needs the peace of mind of knowing what security issues are present in your computer network so they can be fixed. These vulnerabilities can be used by a hacker to gain entry and steal information or extort you.

Velocity Technology can arrange for a comprehensive penetration test of your computer network. Our penetration testing services can include a wide variety of tests to assess all aspects of your company’s cybersecurity.

  • icon-gear Remote Network Analysis
  • icon-gear Wifi Network Scan Testing
  • icon-gear Remote Website Analysis
  • icon-gear Phishing Attacks
  • icon-gear USB Key Attack
  • icon-gear Exploiting Network Vulnerabilities
  • icon-gear Internal vulnerability scans
  • icon-gear Exploiting website vulnerabilities
  • icon-gear Physical Access Test
  • icon-gear Phone Call Attack

Contact us and we can tailor a specific set of penetration tests
to suit your organisation.

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