​Velocity IT Review Service

Provides you with an independent report on the state of your computer network

A Velocity IT Review will examine the current state of your network and document the hardware and software on your network using specialist software tools. The aim of this review is to identify any areas that will affect the security and reliability of your computer network and provide you with an independent review of your IT systems.

The Velocity IT Review will be conducted in accordance with best practices and consists of the following phases:

  • Information gathering - Our engineers will use a range of software tools during our initial site visit to gather all the details we require. We also analyse your current IT policies and procedures and conduct (as well as document) your physical network and note any IT issues that are present.
  • Data Aggregation and Report Preparation - All of the information collected will be analysed and summarised into a report that will detail any areas that require attention.
  • Presentation of IT Review Report - We will arrange a meeting time with you to discuss the IT Review report in detail and provide you with a copy of the report. Also included is any recommendations to improve the security and functionality of your computer network.

After we have discussed our recommendations with you, we can then advise on any solutions that are required.

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