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Technology Made Easy for Startup Funds

Velocity provides a fully managed IT system to enable you to focus on your fund instead of wasting your valuable time looking at the myriad of options that are available.

We have used our experience in working with hedge funds and asset managers to create turnkey IT managed services packages that will address all the immediate IT requirements of a startup fund.

All the essential IT elements are included:

  • Reliable solutions that are backed up by our remote and onsite support services
  • Focused on security to give you peace of mind with your network
  • Designed to address SFC/MAS compliance requirements

We have some basic packages that can form the starting point of a discussion to provide you the right amount of technology and support depending on your budget and the current phase of your business. Velocity Technology will tailor a solution to your specific requirements.


Offsite backup

Velocity Technology can provide an offsite backup service so that you have a copy of your data outside your office to protect you from a disaster such as an office fire destroying your computers and all the information that your company runs on.


Monitoring of networks

As part of our Managed Services agreements, Velocity Technology will constantly monitor the servers, workstations and network infrastructure that make up your computer network. We will notify you of any issues and fix the problem remotely or onsite within the support hours of the agreement. This ensures that you have the best level of service to deliver the maximum amount of network uptime and not have staff productivity continually impacted by IT issues.


Equipment purchasing / standardised systems

We can source the hardware and software for your computer network and supply it at highly competitive pricing. If you standardise on particular types of desktop/laptop equipment for your staff then you can streamline your IT operations by having the correct levels of equipment and computers that your staff can use to best effect.


Compliance archiving

Using a global compliance archiving service gives you the advantage of having a copy of your email and messaging all in one place and not on the same system as your onsite or hosted email / messaging systems. This enable you to have a complete archive of your data to satisfy regulatory authorities.


Fully managed firewall

A fully managed firewall service is managed by a dedicated and experienced security team who manage and monitor security 24x7x365. This is a much higher level of service and support than typical firewall systems. This managed security service is continually updated and provides a complete solution for managed firewall, packet inspection, website categorization, antivirus, email filtering, and web filtering. Best of breed security engines from Kaspersky, Cisco/Sourcefire, Webroot, Spamhaus, SURBL, Cyren and Procera are used to provide the highest levels of protection for your network.

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