Velocity Technology Cloud Security Services

In 2020 and beyond, security must be the rule, not the exception. Regardless of whether your applications and data are in your own data center, a colocation center, private cloud or public cloud, the fact is that data hacks and leaks have the potential to cause devastating financial and reputational damage to your firm.

Take advantage of Velocity Technology’s years of experience providing world-class security services to businesses in Hong Kong and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our security services include:

  • Penetration Testing – evaluation of the security of your host systems, servers, networks and applications with suggested remediation for any vulnerabilities found.
  • Managed Firewall Service – recommendation of the best firewall protection for your site, along with configuration of firewall rules and ongoing proactive management, maintenance, monitoring and incident handling.
  • Secure VPN – providing a secure, encrypted method for access to your servers.
  • Data Encryption – protecting your data in transit and at rest from unauthorized access.
  • Monitoring – auditing of your server and web logs to ensure that no unauthorized activities have occurred.
  • Patching – keeping your operating system and other core components up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Server Hardening – ensuring configuration of your application and web servers to ensure they are protected against attacks.
  • Code Vulnerability Scanning – for enterprises that develop their own application, scanning application code for security vulnerabilities before it gets deployed to production environments.
  • Roles and Responsibilities – managing access control of your staff to ensure least privileged access and ensure against unauthorized internal access to your servers.

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