Cloud Governance and FinOps

Gartner and other industry analysts have stated that companies that are utilizing public cloud without proper governance in place may be wasting 30% or more of their IaaS spend. Other industry analysts have reported that the majority of companies using public cloud spend significantly more than budgeted and are unable to reliably forecast future expenses.

If you are migrating to the cloud, you need a cloud governance process from day one to properly manage cloud inventory, security and costs. Velocity can provide the governance process and tools your company needs.

If you have been operating in the cloud for any period of time without cloud governance, you may be spending too much each month. Velocity can find and eliminate the waste and provide processes to keep everything under control going forward.

Our processes are “cloud provider-agnostic” and work equally well with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or your own data center.

Velocity’s Cloud Governance process contains the following elements:

  • Cloud-specific financial & security governance processes
  • The right cloud-specific management tools
  • Automation of policy enforcement
  • Visibility into everything – inventory, processes, roles & responsibilities

Velocity Technology’s Cloud Governance consultants have over 30 years’ experience in IT services and management. Our consultants have worked with major banks and consulting companies and are able to use their experience to analyse and optimise your Cloud systems to reduce your operating costs.​

Monthly Cloud costs can be reduced by around 30% without jeopardising infrastructure availability or performance. Even larger savings are possible with tuning and optimisation strategies from Velocity.

Discover what Cloud Governance from Velocity can do for your business.

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